Hereunder the prerequisites to the various workshops in the program. The immersions are open to all yoga practitioners, while the rest require at minimum a RYT200 yoga teacher certificate.

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Immersion A: Finding Ease in Unease

Level 1: Mindfulness for Yoga Teachers

Immersion B: Applied Psychology for Yogis

Level 2 and 3

Level 4: Mentoring Program


Open for all yoga practitioners

RYT200 Yogateacher

Open for all yoga practitioners

RYT200 Yogateacher + YF Dedicated Practitioner

RYT200+ YF Dedicated Practitioner + started YF Advanced Practitioner

There’s no need to take the two workshops of Dedicated Practitioner chronological, meaning if you`ve taken MF for Yogis previously, you can take Finding ease in Unease after. However, YF Dedicated Practitioner is a prerequisite for YF Advanced Practitioner, unless you`re only planning to take Applied psychology for Yogis. Applied psychology for Yogis is a requirement for the preceeding level 2+3 workshops.