The Yogi Facilitator Leadership Program

This is a unique certificate program, developed over years, by clinical psychologist, yoga and mindfulness facilitator Kristin Vikjord.

The Yogi Facilitator Leadership Program´s core practice is Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice, for mental health conditions and emotional wellbeing. This practice is trauma informed, and is focused on the individual practitioners experience of embodiment. The aim is to strengthen the positive connection with the body, learning how to find ease in unease, and knowing when to do what.

The program has come to life through Kristin´s experience from teaching yoga in clinical settings, in inpatient and out patient units, with eating disorders, addictions, trauma and more. The arc of the program has been curated carefully, to ensure a didactical framework that support the philosophies, theory and practices it` s based upon.

In this comprehensive and deeply experiential training, you will learn insight practices from the wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism, cultivate skills in mindfulness and compassion and develop proficiency in applying these practices to facilitate change and transitional processes.


This training accredits continued educational hours in various associations, details herunder. Professional associations in different countries accredit hours based on various criteria. Please contact your professional member association directly, to inquire what is needed.

Yoga Alliance
This training is registered RYT300 with Yoga Alliance. That means for those finishing successfully, already holding a RYT200, you certify as RYT500.

Medical and health care personel
This training counts as 72 hours continued education through the Norwegian Psychology Association (NPF), for specialised psychologist. And 30 hours through the Norwegian Nurses Association, for specialised nurses.


If you have any questions, please contact us via this form