The Yogi Facilitator Leadership Program

A comprehensive professional certificate + mentoring program

Developed and directed by clinical psychologist, yoga and mindfulness facilitator Kristin Vikjord

This training is for you who help others helping themselves.

For: yoga teachers, yoga therapists, spiritual guides, health care personel, coaches and psychologists

The Program give you

  • Competence in mental health and and how to empower emotional wellbeing
  • A unique community and collegial relationships
  • Fill your toolbox with efficient and potent practices and interventions
  • The bridge between yoga and (clinical) psychology, of research and experiental
  • Skills to hold difficult emotions and guide transformational processes

For you who want

  • More tools and practices to empower mental and emotional wellbeing
  • To feel supported and professionally belonging
  • To understand the underlying mechanisms of emotional and mental health
  • To hold and move difficult emotions
  • To unravel the bridge between yoga, psychology and mental health
  • To transformational nuggets and skills
  • To learn fundamental neuropsychology